By Tyren Woods.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. This age old phrase encapsulates the story of Vynyl as the band competed for, and won Denver’s Hometown for the Holidays competition. Having made it all the way to the final three bands in years past, they knew what they needed to put them over the edge.

Enter new guitarist Hunter Heurich, he fit the group like record player needle fits an album groove. Hunter who was originally with Green Kite Records band, Vermillion Road, found his way into the group through his connection with Vynyl’s bassist Andrew Ceronio, another GKR artist. The group has developed a sound and image reminiscent of acts like NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys, but make no mistake, they’re not a boy band. When I got the chance to speak with Hunter he said one thing Vynyl’s fans should know is that “the band doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but are 100% dedicated to their music.”

This four-man group is looking forward to releasing a video for their song ‘Who Could U Be’ late this month, as well as releasing several new singles in 2020. You can keep up with them on their socials!

Instagram @vynyltheband * Facebook VYNYLBAND * Twitter @vynyl * Website

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