Students Rush Artist’s Tour Booth

By Angelica Herrera.

It was lunch time on Wednesday in Detroit and students at Renaissance High rushed Inconsistent Me’s (Brendan) booth.  “Sign my forehead!” a fan screamed. Only Brendan’s lavender hair could be seen from the masses of students huddled around trying to get something signed  a fan photo, their phone cases, their arms and other random body parts. 

On the heels of his west coast high school tour, GKR’s urban pop solo artist performed four songs during eight lunch concerts in in Detroit and Ida, MI and Columbus, OH, inciting students to headbang, dance and sing along to his catchy new songs. Guest performer, Juandior, a rapper from Detroit, also jumped on the tour. 

Brendan won over the students’ hearts with his songs about young love, having fun, and a somber ballad he wrote about a friend passing away. He told quirky stories about singing acapella to his crushes, and how he used to sing country in a cowboy hat as a child.

Inconsistent Me’s next high school tour in 2020 will be announced in late December.

Follow Inconsistent Me on Instagram @inconsistentmee

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