Industry Networking At Its Best

By Angelica Herrera.

Picture this . . . you are baking in a 110-degree room, waiting patiently to get your music heard by a multiplatinum A&R Consultant to major labels. Twelve lucky bands, artists, producers and music enthusiasts recently sweated happily through the 2019 Meet n’ Greet at Fifty One West in Tempe, AZ, to learn about the music industry stuff you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask . . . or didn’t have anyone knowledgeable enough TO ask.

Inspirational blasts were received by eager attendees from featured speaker, Loren Israel, who has worked with Coldplay, Plain White T’s, Less Than Jake, Neon Trees and tons of other successful artists. “I want to say, right off the bat, coming to something like this takes a lot of guts . . . and to say, well I’m open to the advice, the counsel, the relationship, the talk, the inspiration — it takes a lot of f*#king guts and y’all should be proud of yourselves,” Loren stated bluntly.

Also speaking was Bobby Hendrix, talent buyer for 15+ years and Manager for Pub Rock Live, Scottsdale’s hottest spot for rising stars in Arizona’s music community. If you don’t know Bobby, are you even booking gigs??

Loren gave the attendees his actual personal phone number inviting them to call and chat about their music. Each attendee also received honest reviews on their submitted music from both GKR and Loren, plus a free social media guide from GKR, and access to Loren’s Sound Library.

A big thank you to the Kohls Volunteers for assisting us; and, to Target and Kohls for their generous donations.

If you are an artist or want to take advantage of this same opportunity, email and we’ll bring it to your town!

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