Choosing A Band Name: A Rose By Any Other Name?

By Brittany Morrison.

CD Baby Podcasters Kevin Breuner and Chris Robley gave great advice on how to choose a timeless band name. For instance, choose one that fits your genre, and make sure that it will stand out.

According to the two podcasters, it’s best to choose a band or artist name that is short, especially one word names that can be great for marketing purposes, although finding one-word names that stand out are becoming increasingly difficult. Also, it is beneficial to the artist if the name they choose has a meaning for them, is not a name that is accidentally offensive or culturally insensitive and is not taken from an older group or a well-known product. Bands and solo artists should be mindful about their names to make sure they are not too difficult to say or spell, which can be a struggle for those with common names. It’s also very important to consider how the name might block certain opportunities, because of explicit or inappropriate language in the title.

While they gave a lot of advice for artists to think about before choosing a name that will stick with them for their entire music career, they made the disclaimer that it was only their professional opinions based from what they have seen. They wanted artists to understand that their name can make them widely popular and successful, or completely overlooked.

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