99% Strategy – Releasing Your Music

By Megan Barnett.

So, you have just finished the process of recording your song. It’s great and you want to share it with the world but are afraid of your sound getting lost in the void that is the music industry. Of course, there are the major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, etc.) but there is a lot more that goes into releasing a track than simply putting it on the internet. 

Artists are constantly seeking to grow their influence through artist fan engagement and promotion. Most of the preparation for releasing a song should come before the song is released. Make sure that there is a greater plan in action. Ask yourself, is this single the first release of an album or EP? Is the song to show a different side of you as an artist? Is the single introducing a specific promotional tactic to increase your artist influence? Having the answers to these questions and creating a strategy before you release your single are essential to garnering the most attention from your fanbase and drawing in attention from the media.¹

Releasing a single takes more than just a few uploads to Spotify or Soundcloud. It’s a strategic move in your career as an artist. However, although the release of a single may primarily be about business, it’s also about having fun and sharing your sound with the world. 

¹ Robley, Chris. “How to plan your next single release: promotion and distribution tips for a standalone track.” Diymusician.com May 13, 2019. http://www.diymusician.com.

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